A cost effective solution to buying what you need

Here are a few reasons why 8 out of 10 accounting firms and 85% of The Times Top 100 companies use leasing:

Purchasing the right products; leasing can bridge any gaps between what you need and can afford, bringing forward otherwise delayed purchases.

Keep control of your budget; spreading the cost of your acquisition over a period of time with fixed monthly payments frees up capital to use elsewhere within your organisation and overcomes budget limitations.

Maintain your credit; replacing large capital outlays, choosing to finance your office furniture allows you to keep credit lines open for day to day operations and improved cash flow.

Increase flexibility; as your office needs change, using finance affords the option to take on additional assets or upgrade existing equipment.

Illustration: £2000* worth of office furniture, 60 fixed monthly payments of only £48.30*

*ex VAT at current rate. set up administration charge may apply. All quotations are subject to credit checks and status.

For an illustration based on your own requirements contact us to see if we can help you find the most suitable means of acquisition.