HAG Capisco Puls

10 year guarantee

HAG capisco Puls Blue

Price Range: £280+VAT

  • 10 year guarantee
  • Balanced Movement Mechanism
  • Active sitting, with integrated foot grip base
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The HAG Capisco Puls is a new generation of chair attuned to the contemporary, dynamic workplace. Scandinavian made, it is a Red Dot Design Award winner. The chair is designed for active sitting;  it facilitates a variety of energising sitting positions, creating a dynamic flow in your work life.

While great for longer intervals, the HAG Capisco Puls is perfect for temporary sitting for people that shift between standing and sitting positions. A fully functional working chair, simple to adjust, vibrant and colourful makes the Capisco Puls stand out from the crowd.

Seat height range: supplied with 200mm gas lift as standard, giving seat height range of 455-620mm, making it suitable for working at desks 720mm and higher.

Alternative gas lift heights available: 150mm with seat height range 390-525mm and 265mm with seat height range of 540-795mm.

HAG capisco Puls in uk stock

In stock at JBL for immediate delivery as shown here: Petroleum Blue chair on White aluminium base


Ergonomic foot grips cast into aluminium base to encourage foot movement and afford user better body control while seated

capisco back action
capisco foot rest