Labofa Ego Nordic

10 year guarantee

Labofa nordic chair

Price Range: From £840+VAT

  • 10 year guaranteeShowcase-logo
  • Unique ‘ring’ style castors
  • Inspires movement

Labofa is the perfect chair for those of you who are seated for any length of time during the day or those who perform stationary tasks sitting down. The chair can be adjusted to fit your body. It comes equipped with the Labofa action system, designed to promote your blood circulation. It is also equipped with Labofa’s unique dual-synchronised movement that promotes the open, active sitting position from 10 degrees backwards to 10 degrees forwards.

Labofa Nordic front and back

Labofa Ego Nordic medium back from £840+VAT

Labofa Nordic side

Left to right: Medium back without arms from £840+VAT. High back with height adjustable arms from £1000+VAT