Home Working Furniture

Help with home working set-up

Oxford based JBL supply work furniture and seating to customers all over the UK, now including any UK home address for home working staff members.

Due to current COVID-19 restrictions we are helping create fit-for-purpose work spaces in the home for staff who may not previously have been set-up to do so.  JBL can remotely plan and deliver fully (subject to access) or partly assembled work furniture and ergonomic seating to any UK home address.

We currently have good stocks of ergonomic chairs and small or mid size desks in a range of finishes for next day or 2-3 day doorstep delivery.  We can also supply pods, booths and quiet area seating at short notice.

Please email us on sales@jbl.co.uk for further information to discuss what you need and how we can make it happen.  We look forward to helping with your work space, wherever it may be.