Dataflex M3 Monitor Arm

The best multiple screen solutions available.

Price Range: From £188+VAT

  • 2 year guarantee
  • multiple screen solution
  • mounting possibilities for up to 12 flat screens

The Dataflex ViewMaster M3 series offer its users the best multiple-screen solutions available. They were designed especially as a high-end application for IT, Designer and Monitoring workstations. Combining long-wings, short-wings, connection kits, different pole heights and different desk mouning options will quickly provide the specific arrangement you require, occupying only minimal desk space. Mounting possibilities for up to 8 flat screen monitors and because of the modular design, a customized monitor arrangement can be created in no time. The die-cast aluminium horizontal wings and pivots, together with the sturdy steel posts were developed to combine into an ideal, perfectly designed workspace. All models are equipped with an integrated cable management system. Call us for details.

M3 Multiscreen

M3 8 Multi Screen as shown £849+VAT

M3 Multiscreen Profiles

Top left: 8 screen rear view. Bottom left: 8 screen top view. Right: 4 screen